News 2018

April 11

Finally some small updates. Today it was "Betty" B.I'm On it that got a fast trimming and some snapshots, 13 weeks old now.


March 24

We are now working on new homepage again, cross my fingers this will work nicely now.

We will update page by page as it gets ready. It takes more time than when made the old page as this one is made in another software and of course that one is also new to me :)

Due to some "safetyholes" in wordpress system our homepage was hacked and infected our whole webspace with malware, so we did now re-open instead the old homepage again, new isnt always better obviously. But now finally got some energy to start over and make a fresh webspace again.
LOT of info is lost, more than a years updates but all that was updated at the wordpress site for more than one year is lost, so be patient, we will sooner or later catch up... hopefully!

 We will try as fast as we can to update what is lost, time isnt anything that we have too much of unfortunately.



English Springer Spaniels since 1992
Terrier Brasileiro since 2017
Placed in the beutiful archipelago Aaland Islands


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